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Sunset Softbox

Hi Everyone,

Here is another photo lit with the 40×40 soft box.

Canon 5DMKII 1/60 F6.3   Lens: 28mm 1.8 550EX Flash @ 1/2 power triggered buy Yongnuo 602  !

It was taken at a party that I was attending. The couple are musicians and they wanted a fun portrait that they could use on their web site, so I obliged.

The reason I shot it at f6.3 was because, once again, I was lying down on the grass to get a good angle. One of the guests was holding the flash on 1/2 power and I wasn’t in a position to give her a quick course in how to adjust power levels on a 550ex. The solution was to decrease the aperture to 6.3 to reduce the effect of the flash. Slowing down the shutter speed enabled me to capture the ambient.

About  9 or 10 photos were taken. Initially the first few were quite boring images the couple were posing but they looked nervous and ill at ease as if they were about to go and see the dentist. To break the ice and raise a smile, I insulted them! Just a little bit.

Now I don’t recommend this technique to everyone, some people can get away with it others can’t. It’s to do with comedy timing and the fact that you are holding a huge big camera in front of your face. Anyway, with the ice broken the couple loosened up a bit and forgot about their impending dental appointment.They made some shapes and I snapped away. Above is the best shot of the sequence.

In hind sight I could have used a second flash from the rear to separate the couple from the background but I didn’t have a second flash with me. Next time I will be better prepared…….







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