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Richard’s Rigid Reflector

For a long time I have been using a number of different sized collapsible reflectors. They’re light and easily transportable, but if its windy they can be very hard to hold and control. The solution is to get a California Sun Bounce, however they’re quite expensive so I decided to make my own! Or something like it at least……

The photo below shows the reflector propped up against a small ladder. The idea is to reflect the light from the flash. The flash is the main light and the reflector creates the fill light.
We used plastic pipes, elbow joints and T-pieces from the local plumbing shop, which cost about £30 $50 €40 in total. You could spend a similar amount of money on 5-in-1 collapsable reflector from E-bay however the rigid design of this reflector makes it easier to handle.

So the 580 ex was in wireless TTL mode using the Infra Red trigger Canon ST-E2, Nikon users could use the SU-800 and Sony users can trigger direct from their pop up flash by going into the camera’s flash menu and selecting WL flash mode. Pentax users – Sorry, I haven’t got a clue how you wireless flash system works.

Below is a top view of the lighting set up to show you how simple it is. If you make your own rigid reflector send in a photo and I’ll add it to the post!!!



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