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Room with a view….

Hey Flashers,

I was having a cup of tea at Hannah’s apt after photographing her on the beach when I looked out of the window and noticed a spectacular sunset!

But it was fading fast so I need to whip out my camera and grab a few snaps. I set my exposure for the sunset which was:

1/180 sec f/4.5 ISO 200 and then I just put my 550ex flash on camera and bounced off the ceiling. This gave a nice exposure but it was a bit flat, there was no direction to the light……..

So I turned my camera around and adjusted the flash head so it was bouncing off the wall, camera right,
which gave a nicer light.

A bit of a zoom……..

a quick adjustment of the models position

and there you have it, a quick portrait with a beautiful sky in the background!

All we were missing was a hairdresser on standby! Oh well, maybe next time…..



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