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Using Pixel King at a Wedding

Hey Flashers,

Last weekend was my first wedding job of the year and a good opportunity to use the Pixel Kings in a real world situation.

Here’s what I found:

  • Pixel released a new firmware v 1020 and it still doesn’t fix compatibility issues with my Canon 550EX’s
  • The flashes cannot be in Slave or Master mode when using the Kings as they just won’t work properly.
  • Because of the 550EX compatibility  problem I ended up using my old Canon ST-E2 Infra red trigger for most of the event

But I did use the Pixel Kings to capture a spectacular shot of the Bride & Groom. Here’s the best shot of the day or should I say night 🙂

To make this shot happen I used my 3 meter tall Benbo mk1 tripod, a step ladder, Canon 5dmk2 , Canon 16-35 2.8 II, Pixel King Tx & Rx, Canon 580 EX flash set to TTL with reflector zoomed to 105mm.

Exposure was 25 seconds @ f 7.1 @ ISO 100



The idea was that the VW camper van would circumnavigate the B&G a few times and leave a light trail and then the flash would illuminate the B&G…….. simple!

Well not so…… because of the 25 second exposure, anything that isn’t stationary creates a blur, which meant the B&G would be a bit blurry! So I took a much shorter exposure just to capture a sharp image of the B&G and then I photoshopped them onto the original.

In hindsight I could have used any old radio trigger to take this shot but the Pixel Kings in ETTL second curtain sync mode, made my life really easy. I just pointed the flash in the right direction and pressed the shutter release button on the camera, simple!!!!






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