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Pixel King Hyper-Sync Test on the Beach

Important Update!

I just got second Sunpak flash and tried another “Hypersync” shoot using the Pixel King triggers.

This time however I used a Canon 5Dmk2 and the results weren’t as good as those when using the Canon 40D

Although the flashes triggered as expected, I wasn’t seeing the same amount of illumination in the resulting image.

I could get a decent amount of fill at up to 1/500 sec but the 1/1000 sec and faster exposures I was getting with the 40D just weren’t happening with the 5dmk2.

I used the same triggers flashes lens( 24-105 f4) and model 🙂

I suspect that due to the size of the shutter in the 5dmk2 its rate of acceleration is slower than that of the 40D and the hypersync offset in the Kings is fixed so it may be the case that in this circumstance the Hypersync trigger signal is coming slightly too early or late for the 5dmk2 to work at all shutter speeds.

I will test hypersync feature again with my 1Dmk2 as soon as I can.

Hey Flashers,

Summer is here and I’m back by the sea!

I have been using the Pixel Kings quite a while now, in various situations but I hadn’t used the Hyper-sync function very much, mainly because it didn’t work very well……… until I downloaded and installed the latest firmware update from Pixel.

Prior to firmware v1020 I couldn’t get the Hyper-sync function to work with some of my old manual flashes (mainly the Metz 60ct4)

Since the update the Hyper-sync function seems to work perfectly!!!!

Hyper-sync means these triggers can trigger old manual flashes in such a way that most of the light from the flash is still captured by the camera at speeds well over the maximum X-sync which is usually around the 1/160 to 1/250 sec range.

Dont get this confused with HSS – High Speed Sync, also called FP Focal Plane sync.

  • HSS releases a series of small pulses of light during the exposure
  • Hyper-sync releases 1 pulse of light during the exposure but at a slightly different timing so that it synchronises most of the emitted light with the exposure.

So I got my stuff together, gave Hannah a ring, and headed down to the beach!

I used a Canon 40D. Lenses were 100 f2 and 24-105 f4. The main flash was an old Sunpak flash that takes 6 AA batteries. It was connected to the Pixel King Rx via a PC cable.

I used a Sigma 500 DG Super in TTL mode as a secondary flash in some shots. So you can mix a TTL Flash in HSS / FP mode with an old manual flash in Hyper-sync mode…… thats very useful!!!!

The photos were all shot in RAW so some have been processed differently from others depending on how I was feeling at the time.


This was the first shot testing the old Sunpak flash. Exif says: 1/6400 f2 iso 100. There is a bit of light fall off on the top of the photo. I’m not sure if this is due to the extreme shutter speed or maybe I didn’t have the flash head pointed in the right direction?

The next photos were taken in the sea. Exposure details below each pic.

1/640 sec f2.5 iso 100
1/1600 sec f2 iso 100
Proper ambient only exposure: 1/80 sec f2 iso 100


The following day we shot some more pics, in this set i used a second flash which was a Sigma 500 DG Super in TTL High Speed Sync mode.

1/1250 f4 iso 100 The sigma flash was in TTL HSS/FP mode lighting from the right side, the Sunpak was firing from behind
1/1000 f4 iso 100
1/2000 sec f4 iso 100
1/1600 f4 iso 100
1/1250 f4 iso 100 the Sigma was behind Hannah and the Sunpak lit from the left hand side. The sunlight came from above right.

Below are some set up shots. It was very breezy by the sea so I didn’t use any modifiers such as soft boxes, for fear of them blowing over!

1/1250 sec f 4 thats the Sunpak going off behind me!
Hannah’s self portrait 🙂
I had to put rocks in the frame work of the lightstands to keep them from blowing over!

Thats a wrap for this post!

Stay tuned and………. Keep Flashing!



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2 comments to “Pixel King Hyper-Sync Test on the Beach”

  • Ronnie Chan, November 27, 2012 at 3:07 am

    Thanks for sharing,good to know Canon 5D Mark II sycn up to 1/500 sec with pixel king.I wonder how phottix odin perform on that.

    • admin, November 27, 2012 at 11:14 am

      To be honest I use the Yongnuo YN622 triggers now, I prefer them to the Pixel Kings in many ways. But for best results with the Hypersync function I would recommend a camera with an APSC sizes sensor.