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Pixel King ETTL Canon Compatiblity

Hi Flashers,

Here’s how my flashes work with the Pixel Kings.

If anyone has any further info please email me and I’ll add it to the list.

TTL Compatible

  • Canon 580 EX works as advertised
  • Canon 580 EXII works as advertised
  • Sigma 500 Super DG works like a Canon 580 but seems to be a bit “hot” It requires -2/3EV or -1/2EV compensation set on the flash to match a Canon flash


Not TTL Compatible

  • Metz 54mz3 with SCA 3102 M3 / M4
  • Metz 70mz5 with SCA 3102 M3 / M4

The Metz flashes will fire when set to manual mode


Sort of TTL Compatible

Canon 550EX …. Prior to the latest firmware update the Kings only triggered 550EXs at full power, since the release of firmware V1010 some functionality has been restored by using the following procedure:

1) mount flash on King
2) turn on King
3) turn on flash

The 500EX will now respond to FEC and FEL from the camera BUT only for a couple of minutes !!!!! If you do not activate the flash for a minute or two the communication between king Rx and Flash breaks down and the flash will only fire at full power. Turning the flash off and on again restores communication and full control. This is inconvenient. Hopefully the next firmware update will resolve this problem.





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