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Godox TT685 C and X1c Hot Shoe Fail???

Update 29 Nov 2015:
Since writing this review I have done the “Wiggle Test” on the Godox Ving 860c and that too wiggles off the camera, but it takes much more effort to do so.
This may explain the occasional ETTL exposure problems I have been encountering eg: flash wiggles off the shoe slightly and loses contact with some of the pins which prevents it from communicating with the camera properly.
Check out the video below:

Let me start by suggesting you search google for a more technical review. This is just a brief hands on review.

Note: I bought the flash and trigger with my own money from Ebay. These are shipping products not production samples.

I’ll keep my review short by saying the units feel well built.

The TT685 flash has an easily readable LCD display which changes colour between Normal and Wireless modes so its easy to tell whether its in the radio RX mode or not. Interestingly even if it is in RX mode it still works fine as a ETTL flash on camera.

The X1C has a small lcd screen and you need to memorise what some of the custom functions do as there are no prompts on screen to help you. Otherwise build quality is decent and it functions well.

The AF Assist light is very good!!! Much more accurare than the ones fitted to my V860c which seem off centre.

ETTL and HSS Exposure is good, much better that the V860c…. (I’ll follow up with another comparison soon)

Overall the products feel well built at an affordable price. Firmware updates are available to download from the following page: Godox Firmware updates

However the metal hot shoe on both products is fractionally too long. 

So although they fit in the Canon hot shoe the locking pin will not engage into the hole of the camera’s hot shoe. This means even if you tighten the locking ring really hard the flash and trigger can and eventually will wiggle off the hot shoe and fall off the camera.

Scroll down to see the measurements…the Metal hot shoe on the TT685 is 0.56mm longer than the one on the Ving 860C.

This 0.56mm difference prevents the locking pin from engaging the hot shoe properly. I have tested this on my Canon 5Dmk2, 6D and 1Dmk2.

Maybe I got a duff set of flashes this time???…well I have spent nearly 1000 USD on Godox equipment that just doesn’t work 100%, so more fool me. Just learn from my mistakes and perhaps wait a year for them to sort out their manufacturing tolerances.

To summarise: The TT685 and X1c system work well, exposure is good but they will, at some point, fall off your camera……


Godox Hotshoe 0001

Godox Hotshoe 0003 Godox Hotshoe 0004 Godox Hotshoe 0005 Godox Hotshoe 0006



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5 comments to “Godox TT685 C and X1c Hot Shoe Fail???”

  • Gilad, January 30, 2016 at 3:34 pm

    Thank you for that very informative write up! Do you know if this hotshoe issue was resolved or at least attended by Godox?

    • admin, January 30, 2016 at 11:20 pm

      Sorry I do not know if this has been fixed. The product works well apart frm the flash shoe. I would suggest buying from a local retailer and then If you have any problems you can always return it.

  • Gilad, February 6, 2016 at 11:46 am

    My X1C keeps falling off my camera (Canon 6D) hotshoe, despite being tightened. I have contacted Godox regarding this. Very frustrating.

    • admin, February 6, 2016 at 12:15 pm

      Hi Yes mine falls off as well.

      I read on a forum somebody had dismantled their trigger and sanded down the metal foot so now it fits and locks properly onto the hot shoe.

      Let me know if Godox replies. I had problems with my Ving 860C flashes (bad batteries and wide angle diffuser falling out). There is a pattern appearing with Godox equipment. Everything they release has elementary problems with it. For example:

      The recent GODOX XT16 2.4GHz Transmitter & Receivers have been recalled

      Ving 860 / 850 LI-Ion batteries did not hold theire charge and dies after a few uses

      The Godox EXenergiser had problems with the capacitor and the power cable between the battery pack and flash head was too short

      The Godox Thinklite TT680 is a load of crap. the capacitor is made of saw dust and tinfoil and it takes about 10 seconds to recharge.

      I think the rule of thumb is never buy “Version 1 of anything made by Godox”

      Aside from this issue when the flash and trigger combo works it works very well indeed.

      My girlfriend and I recently took some Promo shots of a Jazz band in London.

      All shots taken with flash in TTL mode, camera in AV. The exposure accuracy was excellent, have a look at the photos on Facebook: Godox TT685 TTL Photoshoot

  • josh, February 15, 2016 at 12:24 am

    thanks for this write up!
    just FYI, the important measurement would not be the size of the whole shoe, but the distance from the front until the locking pin…. for example if the entire foot was an extra inch long, it would just stick out past the back of the camera and not effect the locking
    so can you measure the front>pin distance for each and let use know?
    thanks for research and sharing!!