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Flashing with three 550ex and Yongnuo 622s

Hi Flashers,

I’m still mega busy with work so I haven’t had time to put together a detailed review of the YN622s.

I have had a few emails from readers so I will copy paste them below for reference.

I also had the opportunity to shoot a wedding with the triggers and some more pics of Hannah which I have attached below.

Hi Ron,

Thanks for getting in touch. I will try to answer your questions…..

Can you control the ratio of flashes from the camera using a Yongnuo 622.and 550ex?

yes but only if you have a camera that supports flash menu in camera such as  40D 50D 5dmk2 and newer…… I have an old 1dmk2 which does not have the flash menu in camera so it cannot control ratios….. but it works in TTL.

Setting groups: you do not have to set anything on the flash, press the button on the side of the YN622 to set your group for the flash eg group A, B and C…… then in the flash control camera menu select ratio and choose whether you want A:B or A:B + C

the YN 622 TX receives this information from the camera and then transmits it to the relevant Rx.

Do the 550ex flashes fire reliably, outside, even in bright sunlight?

THe hotshoe on the YN622 is not as finely engineered as the one on your camera. The 550 ex has pins instead of rounded contacts so it is quite difficult to slide it on the RX for the first few times, but after a while it gets easier. the first time you mount you flash you will have to push it on very firmly!

I just went “flashing” with my girlfriend this morning. photos were taken at 1/8000 sec f2.2 using canon 100mm lens…… photos attached below…. Only miss fire was due to flashes not recharging fast enough…. i didn’t use external battery packs for this shoot.


Are there any irritating limitations using the Yongnuo 622 with a 550 ex.

other than the initial tight fit, the 622s have given my 550exs a new lease of life 🙂

hope this helps



So here are the photos from the session…… all taken about 1/8000 sec using a 5DMK2 iso 100. The photo below was shot using a Canon 28 1.8 @ f2.2 the rest of the pics were shot using canon 100mm @ f2 or f2.2

What you looking at? 🙂

And here are some wedding pics taken with the same set up:

I was chatting with Richie Valdez about using the 622’s to Hypersync some old Sunpak 544 flashes. I had been doing this with similar flashes quite successfully, here’s what Richie said….

Hey Rich,

I actually did end up getting the 544’s and the YN622’s last week.

Sure enough the 544 sync’d with it at just about any shutter speed I tried. SUCCESS!!

I did a simple test at home with one flash (since I only had one pair) but I am actually going to be picking up another pair of the YN622’s today hopefully. Now all I have to do is buy another 2 544 or some 555 Sunpaks and I’ll be set.

They do what they claim to do, and they feel super solid. Happy customer for sure!

Thanks for checking back in. I can’t wait to actually go out and do some real shooting with these things!

Hope all is well,


…………Keep Flashin’



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2 comments to “Flashing with three 550ex and Yongnuo 622s”

  • Tom, March 21, 2013 at 7:34 pm

    Hi guys,

    did anyone test those triggers with studio strobes?
    I can see it works with speedlights and I have 580exII and yn565ex, but I would like to use it to hss with my multiblitz profilux 600.

    Do you think is possible?

    Thanks and regards,


    • admin, March 23, 2013 at 4:49 pm

      Hi Tom,

      I believe you can mix and match these triggers with TTL and studio strobes. So you want to put the TTL flashes on the hot shoe of the YN622 and connect the Multiblitz Studio flashes via the PC connector.

      I have not done this before but if you read the instructions on for the 622’s you will find details about a “mix mode” you have to press one of the side buttons for 5 seconds to enable it.

      NOte: HSS is as system used in TTL Flashes, whilst Supersync is really a “hack” for triggering studio lights which depends on the long duration of a flash tube at full power and the acceleration of the camera’s shutter. I did not have good results using the 5dmk2 with Supersync because its shutter acceleration is too slow. However using a 40D worked very well.

      !!!!!!! ALso you will need to check your T=1 time of your Multiblitz flash tube, if it is too fast then Supersync will not work !!!!!!!!!!

      You can find more info about it on the following forum: http://photography-on-the.net/forum/showthread.php?t=1212530&page=21

      ANd here is a link to a “English” user manual which explains the functionality very well: https://docs.google.com/open?id=0B77OmmGIg0gMVFpqNkpBYXBHajA