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Flashing at the Pumping Station……

Hey Flashers!

Long time no blog…….. Well I have been busy building a garage in my back garden!

Heres a couple of shots from the summer!

I was driving around the country side one day when I spotted an ramshackle old building. I stopped the car and had a look around. It turned out to be an old pumping station, drawing to water from an underground well and pumping it around the local area. Although it was still functioning it was in a state of disrepair, which added to its charachter and I though it would make a great location for a bit of flashing!

A couple of days later I met up with Hannah and this is what happened……

Here's the pumping station, looks like its out of some king of fairy tale!
In this photo we have the sun lighting up the background, 1 bare flash behind Hannah lighting up her hair and 1 flash camera left lighting from the front.

In the following images I just used the flash on low power (perhaps 1/16 or 1/8) through a softbox just to add a blip of light to the image and create an additional highlight in the model’s eye.

For the next couple of shots I turned off the flashes and used the ambient light only.

In the photo below there was too much contrast between the shaded area under the arch and the area out in the direct light.  So exposing for the shaded area made the highlights blow out. And if I had exposed for the highlights the shaded area would have been too dark…….

There were several solutions to this situation:

  1. We could block the direct sunlight with a large scrim (possible but impractical).
  2. We could use an additional light to fill in the shadows (which would have been the practical solution).
  3. Compose the image so that the blown out leaves are not in the frame (which was the easiest solution).

In the image above the leaves from the vine are distracting as they are the brightest part of the image.

Moving in closer to the model removed any distraction from the photograph.

In the photos below I metered for the ambient and used a small flash in a soft box at 1/4 power just to add a highlight to the eye and a bit of pop to the image.

Finally we ended up in the “garden” area, The sun had dropped behind the mountains so  the light was quite flat and even. This was one of the last shots from the session and one of my favourites mainly because Hannah has got a moody expression about her face? Perhaps she got bored of me taking photos? 🙂

OK thats all for the moment I’ll try to get a few more posts up A.S.A.P……..

In the mean time……Keep Flashing!






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