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Car Park Studio

Hi Flashers,

The other day I had a go at shooting some portraits against a white wall in a car park.

The set up cosisted of 2x 550EX flashes lighting up the wall and 1x 550ex in a soft box lighting up the model.

The 2 flashes pointing at the wall were set to manual at 1/4 power. The point of these was to “blow out” the background eg: make it white.

The third flash was set to manual 1/2 power because it was in a soft box which would eat up some of the light. This light could also be moved around to produce different lighting effects (more on that later……)

The most important thing about these shots was that there was no photoshopping required! All I did was adjust the white balance a bit, crop & rotate, and hit the contrast bit, which was all easily done in Adobe bridge and camera raw.



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