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Boot Camp Photo Session

Hi Flashers,

The other day I was asked to take some photos for a friends website. He runs fitness boot camps and wanted some images for his site.

The weather had been poor for most of the week but then on the last day of the camp, it turned out nice. We had 2 hours to get some shots before the participants had to pack and leave for the airport!!!!!

We started off on the beach with a few workout shots and a few images focussing on the instructor, no time for getting the lights out so these were all shot using the light ambient.


In the photo below can you see the little white dot (its an old lookout tower) on top of the mountain in the right hand side of the photos? We will be jogging up there in a moment!


OK so I drove up the hill, I would have jogged but I didn’t have my trainers with me at the time, honest!!!!


After a good hard work out its always good to relax and admire the view whilst drying your armpits in the breeze!

Anyway, the sun was setting so decided to do some flashing, my usual 550ex with a light orange gel triggered by a canon ST-E2 infra red trigger. (Nikon users could use the SU-800 IR wireless trigger.)

The first shot is quite bland, the sky is nice and blue but the model is in shadow. The flash was set to TTL and I set the camera to its maximum sync speed of 1/200sec on Tv (Shutter priority) mode and fired away.

Working distance was about 5 meters as the ambient was still quite bright. You can see the difference below:


A quick blast of flash later and the scene is transformed, the sky is still blue and we can now see the model quite clearly.




Here is a second example using the same technique. Just a quick blast of light transformed the scene.


Here is the last flashed shot of the set. The sunset was happening on the other side of the mountain. I asked one of the other participants to hold the flash and point directly at the model. This gave the effect of the setting sun.


Below is the final shot of the session, remember that small white spec on top of the mountain in one of the shots above, well this is it.
Mission accomplished.
Boot camp over.
Time for few beers!!!!!!

Oh and heres an “arty” version of the shot above…..



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