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Blast from the Past!

Hey Flashers,

I was searching for some pics on my backup drives when I found some images I had completely forgotten about! My first attempt at using off camera flash!!!

At the time I was freelancing for the local newspaper and arranged a day out with Laura, one of the other photographers from the paper, and her friend.

We had some fun times at that newspaper, unfortunately one of my hard drives failed and I lost most of my archive of photos 🙁

Anyway I digress….

We went out for a drive and just stopped off in various locations throughout the day.

It was one of my first attempts at trying to be creative with camera flash ( notice the word “attempt”). It was a bit hit and miss really. The best shots were captured using ambient light using “nifty fifty” f1.7 and a 70-200 2.8 lens on an old Minolta Dynax 7D. The flash was a Minolta 5600HSD in TTL slave mode.

The Minolta cameras at the time had the ability to TTL control off camera flashes via an Infra Red signal emitted from the pop up flash. Sure, Canikon cameras can do the same now but Minolta cameras were capable of doing it back in the 1990’s!!!!


Lets have a look……….


theFlasher.eu (29)

theFlasher.eu (28)

theFlasher.eu (27)

The shots above were taken with natural light, the sun was very low in the sky, and I’m sure we were getting some fill light bouncing off the white tree bark!

theFlasher.eu (23)

Don’t ask about the processing of the shot above ! I liked the look of it then but now I’m not so sure?

The shot’s below were taken with a bit of fill in flash, the camera was exposed for the sunset and the flash set to TTL to light up Laura’s face.

theFlasher.eu (19)

I should have dialled in a bit more flash power, the flash was bare as this was before the days I had any modifiers. Over all they were quite crap photos but the intention was there, and the experience taught me a few things, practice, practice, practice……

theFlasher.eu (15)

theFlasher.eu (12)

theFlasher.eu (11)

theFlasher.eu (8)

theFlasher.eu (7)

theFlasher.eu (5)

theFlasher.eu (4)

These last 2 shots were taken with ambient light only, just to see what happens. I

theFlasher.eu (3)

I like this last shot a lot but Lisa looks fed off because it was freezing cold that evening so we called it a day and went home.

theFlasher.eu (1)




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