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Bare flashing on the beach!

Hi Flashers,

I had another opportunity to shoot with Hannah on the beach. The session was a bit impromptu, I started off using two bare flashes. Camera set to manual mode, iso 100, 1/160 sec and f 8.

Eventually I gave up on the flashes as they were producing a hard highlights and shadows across Hannah’s face, so I switched to using the triflector. I used the silver side, but because the sun was low in the sky the light was still very yellow!

Here’s a good example of distortion at the edge of the frame caused by a wide angle lens. I shot this photo at 24mm and you can see the unnatural effect on the hand in the foreground, notice how big the arm and fingers have become, it’s like looking at a fiddler crab! For this reason it is recommended to use a longer focal length when photographing people. However you can use this to good effect as illustrated in the next photo:

This was also shot at 24mm but the model’s body was kept central in the photo. Remember body parts in the foreground look enlarged, whilst limbs in the background are reduced in size, so the effect is used to make the model’s legs look slimmer.

Once the sun had set I turned on the flashes again. I think the power was set at about 1/8th power. I just wanted the flashes to “pop” the model out of the background.

This shot was taken just using ambient light, its still a great shot but I feel the light is a little bit flat. Next time I’ll remember to bring a couple of soft boxes with me !

And finally, our attempt at looking like a couple of “Posers”!!!???? Perhaps some more practice is needed????????

OK thats a wrap! Now its time for a beer or two……… see you next time!





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