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Another softbox session on the beach

Hi Flashers,

Here are some pics from a quick photo session on the beach with my friend Hannah.

As per usual I used a 40×40 cm softbox, yongnuo 602 triggers, 550ex flashes, cheap ebay light stands, Canon 5dmk2 and 24-105 f4 lens

Exif tells me that they were mostly shot between 1/160th and 1/125 sec at f4, ISO 100 to 200 so quite a narrow range of settings.

The first two shots where taken against a rocky cliff. The flash was positioned behind the model and you can see the flash stand between her legs on the first photo. I left that in for the purpose of the tutorial…. honest!!!!!

Set 1……….

This was a really easy setup! I just put the flash (at 1/4 power) behind the model pointing towards her.

The trick here is to expose for the ambient light and then use the flash light to work as a “rim light” to separate the model from the background.

The model needs to be closer to the camera than the flash otherwise the effect will be too strong. A couple of test exposures will allow you to judge the best position between your model, the camera and the background.

In hindsight I could have used a flash in front of the model of the model just to bump up the contrast a bit.


Set 2…..

This was a great shot, I put the flashes as close to the model as I could and then underexposed the background (sync speed allowing!). The flashes made the model quite hot so I dialled down the exposure in Camera Raw (Lightroom/Aperture will do the same) and the result was an even more moody background.


Set 3……..

Finally we changed position and found a nice rocky foreground. We used the softbox for the main light and a bare strobe as the backlight. Once set up we just snapped away and captured a series of lovely exposures.

The reason this last pic is in black and white is because the front flash didn’t recharge fast enough so the light balance didn’t work out, however changing to B&W created a well balanced shot that captured the mood of the session.


Easy, when you know how………. and having an attractive model helps as well!

Thanks Hanny!

And even more thanks to Steph for holding the softbox!



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