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Annie under the bridge

Hey Flashers,

My hard drive recovery is coming long nicely. If found this set of images that I shot a few years back. They were of an old acquaintance who was the lead singer in an all Girl Punk Rock band (can’t remember their name?)

The main first 2 images were taken in a railway arch. No other lighting was used. I just positioned the model inside the archway so that the natural light was coming in from the left hand side. That’s it! Simple!

Equipment wise I was using a friends Nikon D1 with a manual 50mm macro lens and then I did some processing in Photoshop to add the sepia tone.

TheFlasher.eu Annie (2)

The shots below were taken during a gig. I used slow shutter to capture some of the ambient light and and an off camera flash to freeze the singers motion.

TheFlasher.eu Annie (4)TheFlasher.eu Annie (5)



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