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Trying to Light Right !

Hey Flashers!

I'm Richard and I've been shooting professionally for far too long and I'm still learning new things everyday. I though I'd share some of my experiences.

I hope someone finds it useful....

Godox TT685 C and X1c Hot Shoe Fail???


Although they fit in the Canon cameras’ hot shoe, the locking pin will not engage securely into the hole. This means that even if you tighten the locking ring really hard the flash and trigger can and eventually will wiggle off the hot shoe and lose contact with the pins therfore causing bad ETTL Exposure or even falling off the camera completely.

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A rather late Pixel X800C Review


Once again Pixel kindly sent me 2 of their new X800C flashes to test. Whilst you read the review please remember that these were pre-production flashes so the final shipping versions may be slightly different.

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Pixel Mago Flash review


I was lucky enough to receive a free sample Pixel Mago Flash to test with my Canon Cameras.

Unfortunately it wasn’t free as it got stopped by customs and I had to pay and extra €26 euros in import duty 🙁 boo…..

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Godox Xenergizer 600 first impressions


Hi Flashers, heres my review of the Godox Xenergiser 600 flash. Its really good product which includes a remote power adjustment and trigger. I’m really enjoying using it. Read on for more info….

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Flashing with three 550ex and Yongnuo 622s


Hi Flashers, I'm still mega busy with work so I haven't had time to put together a detailed review of the YN622s. I have had a few emails from readers so I will copy paste them below for reference. I also had the opportunity to shoot a wedding with the …

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Yongnuo 622 Rules OK!


Hey Flashers, Christmas has come early!

I have just received a set of brand spanking new Yongnuo 622 TTL radio triggers!!!! And within 5 minutes of using them I can safely say that these triggers blow the Pixel Kings out of the water!!!!!!

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Pixel King Hyper-Sync Test on the Beach


Important Update! I just got second Sunpak flash and tried another "Hypersync" shoot using the Pixel King triggers. This time however I used a Canon 5Dmk2 and the results weren't as good as those when using the Canon 40D Although the flashes triggered as expected, I wasn't seeing the same …

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iDVD Encoding from HD Problem


Hey Flashers, I ran into a problem the other day whilst trying to burn a Wedding DVD. Heres the Lowdown: Recorded Wedding video in HD 1080i Edited with iMovie Via iMovie I used the share option to send the video directly to iDVD in the hope of producing a SD …

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Using Pixel King at a Wedding


Hey Flashers, Last weekend was my first wedding job of the year and a good opportunity to use the Pixel Kings in a real world situation. Here’s what I found: Pixel released a new firmware v 1020 and it still doesn’t fix compatibility issues with my Canon 550EX’s

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Annie under the bridge


My hard drive recovery is coming long nicely. If found this set of images that I shot a few years back. They were of an old acquaintance who was the lead singer in an all Girl Punk Rock band (can’t remember their name?)

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